I woke up at six as usual but decided to stay in bed for several more hours as I let my ass hang over the bed as if I felt the need to let it all hang out. Im one of those people who sleeps naked yet still gets hot at night so I throw the covers on and then off again several times or more during the night. I love the sound of the birds chirping in the morning and the feel of the cool air from the open window.

The sunlight streams in and lights up the room like the stage of Carnegie Hall and it gives me such a good feeling. My shoulder still isnt right and probably wont be for another six months maybe sooner once the pool opens at the campground and I can hang out there. I love water and sun and I so look forward to finding a new home in a different state, a state that sunshine is happening most of the year.

I want to move to California but the cost of living is so high I could never afford another home and would have to live in a mobile home if I could even afford that. No matter where I live all I want is to be loved and to be happy and that is all I require. Im not someone who wants the best or even close and I could live in a cardboard box if I were with the right person. People want so much and forget that its the litttle things that make life worth living.

Life is going to be so different in six months as I hopefully will sell my house by then and I am making so many changes to myslef and the way I live my life. I am getting healthier and happier and I am taking better care of myself as I am getting the surgery done that I have put off for so damn long. I think quite a few people will be surprized by the numerous changes in me and the end of this year will be the final frontier that I have to experience before life gets really good next year. 


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