I am a very caring person and I care deeply for my friends and others and I may say I love you but I do not mean it in a “I love you” way if you know what I mean. I do not give my heart easily because I hurt to deeply and I have to have trust in my friends before I can let them into my heart. There is not a single man who I am in love with, that I would die for or take a bullet for but there is one man I care deeply for.

We have a connection like I have never had with another person and I worry about him and I have a love for him like a best friend. I know he has had sex with other women and he is the type of guy that loves women and attention. I also know that he isn’t happy and will never find a woman who fulfills him the way I do. We have never met and that is because he has chosen not to meet me which is sad because we could have such a great time together.

He knows I am not a materialistic person and he also knows that I am not impressed by him and he cannot buy me like others in his life. I wish he would let himself meet me and let us be friends and see how we get on but he just refuses to do that. He will never hurt me because I will not allow him to do so and if he is married then we could never be anything anything anything than friends anyway.

One day he will want to meet me but I will no longer be available and that will be a very sad day for him because I am a damn good person and I am the type of friend people die to have in their lives. I am not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes but I stand tried and true to those I love and care for and I will defend my friends always and stand by them. I am in no hurry to meet him as I prefer to build a relationship over the wires first and get to know him slowly but he wont even let himself do that much.


If only you would come to me and let me touch your face with the back of my hand, if only you would let m touch your neck, your chest. If only you would take my hand and pull me close and let our bodies touch, if only you would let me kiss your lips, look into your eyes, run my fingers through your hair. If only you would trust what is in your heart, what is in mine, if only you would let me show you how I feel and share with you what I think.

What keeps you from coming to me? What keeps you hiding? What is it you fear? What is it you are running from? I am as I am a woman of truth, of honesty, of true love, I am a woman as rare as that special orchid. I am the woman who cares so deeply for you as a man, not for what you have, not for who you are, just the man who God put on this earth. I love the boy who runs with the horses, the boy that grew into a the man with a handful of roses.

Come to me and be my friend, come to me and be with me until the end, let me comfort you and make you laugh, let me hold you and be your best friend. Quit with the games and show me your true self, let me be with you to fill those lonely moments. Let us laugh in the rain and play in the snow, let us be silly, let us be friends. I wish we could be at least friends and see if there is anything between us, hell I already know there is, is that what you fear???