Men no longer court women because women no longer respect themselves enough to be treated like real ladies. Women jump into bed with the guy on the first date and of course he will fuck her and maybe call her again the next time he wants to get laid. Everyone eventually wants to settle down with that one person that is their perfect fit and we are always looking for that special one.

I think courting is so important to the development and growth of any relationship as courting gives you the required time to get to know that person. Courting is the time that you experience new things together and you find out what you like and do not like about the person and if there is a deal breaker or two between you. When your gut tells you that the person is just wrong for you then follow your gut.

Courting shows you so much about the person, what makes them laugh, what makes them sad, what embarrasses them, how they react when someone around them is in pain may it be emotionally or physically. Women can be so controlling and catty and that is the type of woman you do not want in your life but if she is the type that will treat you like a king until you give her shit and she throws it back in your face then she’s a keeper.

There are women who appear to have an inpenetral exterior but that is nothing more than a veneer to hide the hurt and pain they have experienced. If you are attracted to someone give them a chance to show their real self because I can guarantee you that she is a pretty wonderful person in the main. Never blow someone off until the third date because by the third date they feel comfortable enough to let the real self come through.


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