Keep Em Closed

I have always been a very honest person and that includes being honest with my kids. My daughter has asked me so many questions about sex and I have told her the truth about everything she has asked me. She asked me what sex felt like the first time and I told her imagine what it would feel like to wear her labia’s on her ears lol and yes she knows what her labia are. She knows about her body parts and reproduction and she isn’t one to give herself to just anyone.

She tells me about this radio station she listens to and how these girls just fuck anyone, these girls are young mothers fucking a guy in the backseat of her car behind a restaurant restaurant and she thinks very little of having sex on the first date or even the second. I don’t know how I could be such a good influence on my kids but I am actually very respected by them when it really counts. My daughter knows that once you fuck a guy the mystery is gone and they will throw you away as easily as a used paper bag.

My daughter is such a Capricorn as she is so mature yet young and she is so dedicated to her future and her desire to be an independent woman. I am very proud of my daughter because you do not run across many 19 yr old virgins that have their heads on straight but she is one of them. Some people may think I am out of control but if you look at my kids then you see how I  really am as a person.

I am a parent that will direct my kids as I see fit and being honest is so damn important to me as blowing smoke up someone’s ass doesn’t help them in the long run.Im glad that I am not one to be able to give my kids everything they desire and that they have to work for what they get in this life as that is how character is built and my  kids have already experienced more life than most kids in this world.


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