When I found out my grandmother had been put in a nursing home in florida I flew right down there. My grandmothers boyfriend didn’t want me staying at my grandmothers home which didn’t make any sense to me at the time. He didn’t want me staying there because the new trust that had been drawn up was in my grandmothers house and my sister didn’t want me to get it. My sister used my grandmothers boyfriend to get a new trust drawn up and to get my grandmother put in a nursing home.

My husband flew down with the kids and he told them that they were going on vacation and when I showed him the new trust he said I would lose it so he took it. Well the dumb mother fucker put it in a bag next to the couch in the spare room and my sister went into that room and was going through my husbands bags and she took the trust. That trust was set up so I got fucked out of my inheritance and it went to my sister and my grandmother’s boyfriend.

My kids got fucked out of their inheritance as they were originally eft 10k each but my sister had that changed to 1000 each. I get so pissed over that situation because I got so fucked but my kids got fucked as well. I try to let go of that time in my life but it never fails something happens to bring it up and I get so mad. My husband fucked up so many times when money was involved and of course it was never money he was entitled to.

On a positive note the money will pay for school this summer for Shelby and Ryans money will be put away for him to use on his education or whatever he wants to spend it on. I am telling him it has to be put away for school but who knows if he will listen or not. Just like today he didn’t go to school again and had a dr. appointment which I took him to and the kid goes in and sees the dr. for a nano second and reschedules the appt.

I have to pay a copay for every dr. appt. and it may not be much but it is money wasted and that doesnt sit well with me. He’s going to learn the hard way that his mom isnt going to let him continue to shit on her once he graduates from high school. He better clean up his act in the next year or he will be out on his ass without me there to be treated like a fucking door mat. Im just beyond frustrated right now and I so need a vaca.


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