Where Is Heaven?

Have you ever noticed that when we speak of heaven or we pray we always look up at the sky? We are taught that heaven is above the clouds but is that true? As a Catholic I have been taught in heaven and hell and I do believe in God and Angels. Where would I look if not up for heaven? How would I get through the roughest of days if I didnt believe in heaven and where would I get comfort from when I thought about my passed loved ones?

I get great comfort from knowing my loved ones are in heaven under God’s arm and that they no longer are suffering but I do wonder if God does take away their pain and I do wonder if some people go to hell. God forgives all of us but must we ask God for his forgiveness or does he give it automatic? We are taught so many conflicting things and we are taught to believe in the bible but the bible was written by man and it is conflicting.

I do not know what to believe so I believe in God and I believe in myself to do what is right even though I do not always do what is right even though I may think I am. I do not know what I would do without having heaven to look up to and what would I do if I didnt have God to believe in? Not everyone believes in God and heaven and I wonder what they do believe in and what gets them through their rough times.

I know my thinking can be odd at times but I have learned to question much in this life and not to believe everything I see or hear. It is important to me to have faith and to believe because I do not know what I would do without a higher power to rely on. I need God in my life and I need to believe because it gives me peace and I am one that really needs to have peace within my heart. Dont all of us need peace within?