Back On Track

I was doing so good with working and my diet until I had my shoulder surgery and that threw me completely off course for so long. Well I am getting back on track as I have gained all the weight I lost and then some. Quitting smoking has been  a real bitch and I quit for three months and started back for about six weeks and then I quit again and I still have that terrible craving but I havent given into it as of yet.

It’s so hard to break bad habits and get back on track of healthy living but it can be done once you put your mind to it. I have to replace the battery in my fit bit and I plan on starting to walk again when it gets warmer and I think Im going to join the gym again as the kids have been talking about going. It’s nice to do things as a family and my kids are my family and its nice when we can do things together.

When my husband was alive we used to have ham for Easter Sunday but this year we are just going to roast a chicken and have some sides, nothing fancy, just a real simple dinner because Ryan doesnt eat ham and I do not care for it myself but I do eat it once in a great while. We have only had one person look at the house but I do think it will sell within the next three months or so I do hope, same with my rv.

I want to be free of anything that is stressful and selling property is always stressful because it requires packing and moving which is always a pain in the ass. Im almost ready to lower the price once again on the rv but I think I will wait and see how things go Memorial weekend. I will have an open house that weekend because the park is always jam packed for the holiday and Im making the kids come with me and help me around the yard.

I will be having surgery around the second week of May which will give me a couple of weeks to heal before the big holiday weekend and I do hope I am feeling good and enjoy myself. It’s nice to kick back and roast hotdogs over the fire and make smores. I just hope the weather is nice and warm and I can enjoy the sun on my face and I can just enjoy myself for a change, no stress just kick back and enjoy life.


Yesterday I took my son to take his drivers license test and you could tell he was really nervous and stressed out about it. We left early so he had some time to practice his parking because parallel parking had him worried. It’s rare that we parallel park anywhere near my home so he didn’t get much practice and he was so worried he would fail the test. He practiced several times and the driving instructor returned from giving someone else a road test and he talked to my son helping him to relax and not be so worried.

The instructor was so cool and he really helped my son and then when it was time for my son to do the parking section of the test the instructor talked him through it. Pull up about four feet, back up and turn your wheel as tight as you can, ect. and my son did great. Once the parking section of the test was over then we did the road test which scared the shit out of me as I sat in the back seat.

My son drives way to fast and he exits at 65 miles per hour which is way to fast and I thought I was going to end up in someone’s trunk. He passed his test and all I have to do now is take him to secretary of state to get his picture taken. He is glad to get the test over with because his tech teacher asked him if he wants a summer job working at a “tech camp”. I think a job would do wonders for him and make him feel self worth.

I hope I can sell the rv by Memorial weekend because I need to buy another car so Ryan has transportation to and from his “new job”. I am thinking about signing him up for college classes this summer because he has decided he wants to be a history teacher. It would be nice if he was able to get a jump on classes and I think he would enjoy meeting new people as well but I do not know if he would take it serious and apply himself.