To Falter

I write and write but no one reads and no one knows the pain I have seen, the loneliness I feel, the emptiness which is like a reel. I ask not for anyone to feel my sorrow,my loss I ask not for anyone to understand or to give me what I need as I am a wall of pain built brick by brick. Never to falter, never to show my bruises, my cuts, my blood because no one understands what I have lived through and no one cares.

I seek not pity, I seek not anything from anyone because I have walked that path only to find it an empty walk alone. I can only write to purge myself and ask not for anyone to give me anything. I do want of materialism and I only ask for unadulterated love and compassion but that hides from me on the other side of the brick wall. I have yet to find that one person strong enough, who cares enough to blast away the mortar and make the bricks crumble.

People only care about what is happening in their lives and they give not to anyone else because it is not the way of man any longer. I am not asking for much but what I ask for is just what I need not what I desire. One day the seas will wash upon my shores and wipe my soul clean once again and make me lovable to that special one, that one who sees beyond my smile and into my pain.


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