Upper Hand

Ok my son has  had a driver’s permit for well over  a year and several months after he got his phase I permit he got a speeding ticket, which of course I paid for him. I took him for his phase II and he d  drive for fifty hours  before he got his final license. Well, of course he didn’t drive the fifty  hours but I lied for him just to get this license thing over with. He now has his license and I could just slap the fuck out of the little cocksucker.

Yes, I am aware I am calling him some pretty harsh names but he treats me like shit and I am so fucking sick of it. He has asked me several times last week if he could go to Grand Rapids which is a three hour drive from here and I told him yes he could go. What the little fuck didn’t ask is if he could drive there and he hit me with that little diddy today. WTF???? There is no way in hell I am letting him drive on the freeway for three hours to some kids house he has never met.

He plays some game online with several people he has never met and he thinks they are his friends, which of course we know they are nothing more than online friends which count for absolutely nothing. We drove up to the store and that is when he hit me up about driving the car and I told him no way and of course then he got pissed. We get to the store and he parks as far away from the door as possible so I had to walk.

I thought to myself ok fucker you want to play? We will play, as I went into the store and got what I needed and I headed back to the car not getting him the shit he needed but could live without. He refused to help me put this big bag of catfood in the car so when I got in the car I told him he can forget about driving to school, he can either fucking walk or take the damn bus but he is not going to be using any car of mine.

I asked him to edge the lawn and of course he blew me off and all he does is eat and play online and he does very little around here to help out. Im so sick of his attitude and I have to hide my purse so he doesnt steal money from me and if he thinks he will be driving anywhere anytime soon he damn well better think twice because it isn’t going to happen. He has already told me he will not help me at the rv so fuck him he gets nothing from me.