Days To Nights

I had another person contact me about the rv and the strange thing is they said they were going to their credit union this evening. I have only shown the rv to one person so I think its a bit odd that someone would be looking into financing unless they have been up at the park. I know there are quite a few people that would love to have my lot but of course they do not want to pay for my rv, to bad.

We have our second showing on Saturday for the house and I still have a feeling we will sell it within three months. I realize selling a house in the 3 hundred thousand amount isn’t going to bring many lookers but I refuse to sell my house for less. I will already be taking a loss but I refuse to take a huge loss because I need the money to buy two homes, one here and one in California hopefully.

I have a field behind me and the deer are driving me crazy as they come about 2 a.m. and the boys get barking non stop which really doesn’t sit well with me as they wake me up. It is getting nicer outside but we still are having cool days which I hate. I need to get up to the rv and replace the kitchen and bathroom flooring and clean up a bit. I really want to sell the place but must admit I am going to miss it so much.

It’s nice waking up to sunshine coming into my bedroom but the nights, o the nights are always so lonely and I hate going to bed alone. I baby the boys so much as I wake them up and pick them up from the couch and carry them to bed as if they could not walk, lol. My daughter makes fun of me and she is always laughing at how much I baby the boys and how Khloe is such a trip and nut case.

My life is changing for the better and I cannot wait to get past the 26th of this month as it will e the three year anniversary of my husband’s passing. I hate thinking about the last monthof his life and the last day of his life comes back to me in slo-mo. I am slowly putting that time out of my mind but it still hides and creeps out when I least expect it. It is so hard losing someone to cancer but all of us will depart eventually.