Whatever Happened

For so long I wondered whatever happened to the intimacy in my marriage, when did we choose to watch different paths that lead us to hugging our side of the bed? Whatever happened to those moments of laughter ? Whatever happened to the contentment we felt? Marriage is no easy task and we lose that loving feeling alone the way and that is when the eyes begin to wonder and the sex is generally done alone.

When  we realize we no longer are happy in our relationship we begin to look outside of our self confinement and we look for that one person that makes us feel good about ourselves as they give us compliments and they make us laugh. They make us feel giddy and we think of nothing but being with that person and what lies we will have to tell just to be with them for several hours.

Some end u getting divorced while others live seperate lives and stay married because it looks good to others. We begin to hate ourselves, our partner and our lives and we will do whatever is neccessary to be happy once again. Once you lose that loving feeling getting it back is almost impossible and is impossible for most of us and the only thing that brings us back into the fold is a serious illness of our partner and even then that isn’t enough for some people to come back.


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