Let Us Cheat

I think cheating on your partner is so hot if done right and I mean cheating on your partner with your partner. How does one do that? Quite simple as you pretend to be someone else such as a maid, a prostitute or anything your partner wants you to be. I think it’s so hot to dress up in sexy lingerie and put on a raincoat and have your partner be at a bar or hotel room and you act like you do not know each other and have a wild and exciting evening.

So many people are afraid to explore that side of themselves but it really is quite exciting and a major turn on. An old boyfriend and I did the prostitute thing and he got so friggin excited which got me even more excited. We met at a bar at a restaurant and I wore nothing but a bra and panties, garter belt and stockings under a raincoat and I pretended not to know him and walked up and sat next to him at the bar. We started chatting as if we didn’t know each other and I started rubbing his leg and hip.

He asked me if I would like to have dinner so we went into the restaurant and got a secluded table and things got pretty heated as I continued to rub his leg and finally his hardness and I undid his pants. I pulled him out and gave him a blowjob while we waited for our dinner. We had a lovely dinner and then we went and got a room and it was the best damn sex we ever had and it was so much and so damn exciting. Some may think I am a wild woman but I know the importance of great sex in a relationship and keeping it alive, so all I can say is let us cheat, baby let us cheat.

A So A Wo A Co

When people die so many times we say to ourselves I should off, I would of, I could of and we look in hine sight at what we would have done differently if we had the chance. The truth is all of the should ofs, would ofs and could ofs were never meant to be and we must accept that we are only meant to do or say so much to people in our lives. We are not to blame for the lack of things said or done and we are not to hold ourselves in the highest form of guilt but we do never the less.

People come and go in and out of our lives for a reason and the departed could be from death or divorce and divorce doesnt mean  a marriage. We divorce ourselves from people in our lives, they could have been a friend or lover or spouse. We must accept the departed depart for a reason and they leave just enough space for someone new to come into our lives. We can feel so much  guilt over things never said or done but what good is that doing us? What good is it to feel bad because we failed in our own eyes?

For the longest time I have carried so much guilt over my husband, things I should have done or said but I am finally listening to myself and accepting the fact that those moments were never meant to be. When people die we feel so much guilt because we blame ourselves for so many things which is wrong and we should never punish ourselves but we do anyway. I no longer will allow myself to punish myself over my husband because he knew that I would always be there to care for him and he knew that I didn’t want him to pass.

Long Ago

I was talking to my daughter about how lucky today’s generation is because I did without so much when I was growing up because so much did not exist back then. When I was very little and lived with my grandparents we lived in a very old farm house while my grandparents had a bigger house built. My grandmother cooked on a wood burning stove and we had no microwave. We had three channels on the tv which were black and white and we didn’t have a shower but a bathtub instead.

We had a push mower to cut the lawn and our radio only got am radio, there wasn’t garbage disposals or dishwashers and there definitely weren’t any cell phones as the phone was attached to the wall and you couldn’t move more than a foot away from the phone. We had no computers, no laptops, no ipads, kindles or anything computer related what so ever and we werent allowed to stay inside unless it was raining as kids played outside on a tire swing.

There wasn’t any fast food and you ate what was on the table or you didn’t eat until the next meal. We made our own ice cream, churned our own butter, slaughtered our own meat and grew our own gardens. We didn’t go to walk in movies as drive in’s were the only thing available and it was a huge thing to go to the movies. There were no tampons or condoms and people were not sexually active or open as they are today and people were quite modest.

My daughter just thinks it’s so funny that I grew up without all of these modern appliances and technology and she just cannot fathom living without a microwave. That is what is wrong with today’s kids, they do not have to work for a damn thing and everything is so easy for them. The hardest thing they have to work for is an “A” in school as it is a right of passage to get a car and have a cellphone and everyone is having sex at 13 or at least most are except my kid and I am proud that she isn’t giving it away to the first one