Just A Little

Sometimes, all you need is to touch someone just a little, just a little bit by putting your hands upon their face and kissing them softly. Sometimes, just undoing the buttons of their shirt one by one and moving your hands over their shoulders slowly pushing their shirt off over their back. Sometimes, just placing small, sweet kisses upon their chest is all they need to feel complete. Running your hands down their pants and over their ass can be so arousing, so tender and sweet.

When two people lie together and remove the barrier of clothing they can feel each others heat and their excitement, they can feel contentment and love. There is nothing more erotic than slowly touching another’s body and feeling their curves and crevasses. I think slowly kissing someone and lieing on top of them is arousing and exciting and when two people come together by way of penile entry into the woman’s body then and only then can there be a union of two into one.

There is sex for the sake of orgasm and there is sex for the sake of deepening a union and the two are very different and you know when there is just sex and when two people are building a union together. It’s so romantic to just touch someone slowly and kiss them with seducing lips and looking into their eyes when he enters her and they become one. It’s so exciting to talk dirty during sex and try different positions and just let the kinky side of our personalities out to be accepted by our mate.


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