I woke up to the sound of rain dancing off of my back porch and windows and what a lovely sound it is to wake up to. I rolled over and snuggled up with my favorite blanket and feather pillow and positioned my foam pillow under my arm that is still on the mend. The feather pillows just do not give the support required to alleviate the pain from the shoulder. I just love the feel of the softness of the blanket against my naked body and the boys just love it when I say good morning to them.

I laid on my side looking at the rain pouring down and the boys ran up my body like it is a plank and planted kisses on my cheek like they do every morning. When you are alone the next best thing for comfort is your pet and they boys get so rambunctious in the morning because they cannot wait to get outside. When it is to cold or pouring rain I just let them do their business in the garage and clean it up later because I do not want them cold and wet.

I like watching the rain droplets race down the window as if they have anywhere else to go and its just so soothing listening to the rain and so relaxing. There is nothing that compares to the smell of rain or the sound and the effect it has on me. I so enjoy  cuddling in the rain because it is so romantic to me and it just feels so damn good to have that special blanket on me and a special man beside me but these days it’s just me and my pillows and blanket for comfort.


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