Different Day

Now that spring has finally graced us with it’s presence my neighbor is already out cutting his grass. Two weeks ago he cut it and it didn’t didn’t didn’t it as it hasn’t grown yet and of course he is letting his dog out and she is shitting on my lawn. This son of a bitch called the cops on me so many times when I was going through my divorce and he is such a nosey fucker that I should call the cops on him over his dog. I just cannot wait to move and get away from his nosey ass and his pretend to have class ass.

He drinks beer from a pilsner glass and invites his golfing buddies over and acts like he is all that when he isn’t shit and he gives me the creeps and I never let my kids be around him alone when they were little. I have decided just to be a bitch and turn my stereo up super loud when he invites his friends over and give him a taste of his own medicine. I know this is so immature but that fucker got involved in my divorce and caused me more trouble than anyone should expect from their neighbors.

I do not have a for sale sign in my yard so my neighbors have no idea I am selling and I just want to sell and move without dealing with them at all. It’s none of their damn business what I do but that is what retired people do when they have no hobby, they get in their neighbors business. There granddaughter an my daughter have been friends forever and she is knocked up and invited us to her baby shower and of course I have to go because my daughter wants me to.

My daughter watches shows about girls picking out their wedding dresses, women getting married and shows of that nature which is normal for a girl her age. I never thought about getting married and I was never one to look at bridal magazines and I never dreamed about getting married. I guess I never thought about marriage because my parents were not together as I grew up and my mother always talked about my dad poorly and that probably turned me off from marriage.

I do not know if I will ever marry again for sure but I do know when I commit it will be for eternity and I will be in love this time, no marrying for the sake of kids, no committing to someone that only wants what little that I have, no more selling myself short. I just want to be happy and it’s that simple but I will not be stupid and look at just being happy, nope there has got to be more than happiness to make any relationship work and I am willing to put in the work but will he?

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