Male or Female

My daughter is trying to find out if Khloe is a male or female, lmao, Khloe is a female but Shelby isn’t so sure so she googled it and was looking at pictures of a cat’s ass roflmao. Khloe is leaking female jizz and rubbing all over the floor and table and she is flipping back and fourth because she is so damn horny. Here’s my kid looking at bingo’s ass to see if he has balls and then she tells me that bingo was fixed so he wouldn’t have any balls, roflmao. 

Life is never dull around here and my kid just told me that she saw Khloe’s slit omg this is so damn funny as my daughter is such a riot and so damn funny as she is looking for bingo’s asshole as I type this. My daughter tells me to suck a dick all the time and we just crack each other up as we are always talking about sex may it be about humans or cats. Poor Khloe is so horny she wants to have her ass patted over and over as if it gets her off or something.

Im sure this isn’t a good Wednesday night topic to be writing about but it’s pouring rain outside and my kid is now looking up Bingo’s ass to define his sex for sure. My kids are such a trip and I do believe it is because of the way I have raised them, in a very open and honest environment. Most parents would never think of having the conversations I have had with my kids but they have learned so much from my openness and my kids are mature enough to handle my honestly.

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