Snatch Licker

The most talented snatch licker in this house is Khloe our cat, she is the strangest cat I have ever seen as she constantly licks her snatch where ever she is. She gets on the dining room table and licks herself, she gets on the couch and licks like crazy or she sits on the floor and licks licks licks.

If I could lick myself the way she does I would be a very happy woman because I love getting and giving oral sex. There are so many women that want oral sex but do not like giving it and that is such a shame. If you keep your man happy he will do the same for you but if you do not he will look elsewhere for his sexual pleasure.

That’s one of the problems with marrying early as you do not get to really experience great sex and over time sex becomes really boring with your inexperienced spouse. Men love oral sex performed on them and I cannot imagine their virgin wife ever giving them good head or giving them head at all.

It’s been so long since I have had sex and I really hate living without sex but I am a very sexual woman. I love karma sutra and experiencing all kinds of sex in all kinds of places. You need to have a healthy sex life because it is good for your health and I sure need to have some good sex before I go crazy.

Memorial Day Failure

Last Memorial Day my daughter and I picked up my son from the hospital and the car broke down on the freeway. It cost $200.00 to get the car towed home and wouldn’t you know my daughter and I had trouble again this Memorial Day. My son was supposed to come to the rv with us but of course he refused to go.

We got to the rv and I finished laying the new bathroom floor and Shelby cleaned up and cut the grass. We pulled the golfcart out of the shed because it had flat tires and a dead battery. We went up to the store and got a new battery and removed the tires and took them to get some air in them. We got back to the rv and replaced the tires and battery and I taught my daughter how to change tires but I neglected to tell her there is a front and back of the tire.

We went to go for a cruise and damn if she didn’t put the tire on wrong and the valve stem got tore off.  We called it an evening and went in for the night and I fell asleep by 8 p.m. . We got up and removed three golf cart tires and loaded up the car and decided to come home because my son took my atm card again.

We got almost to the freeway and damn if we didn’t get a flat tire. Do you know how hard it is to find places open on a holiday weekend? Well, we finally found the tire at sears but they wanted us to wait several hours before they could get to us so I bought the tire and headed to the bp gas station.

They took care of us and we were finally on our way and Shelby was starving so we decided to pick up a pizza on the way home. When we got home I confronted my son about my atm cardand of course he lied to me about it. My son does what he wants and I just stay out of his way because I refuse to let him hurt me ever again.


This week all over the television is talk about Kim and Kanya’s wedding and I think it is just gross. He looks like a baboon’s ass and cannot sing and she is nothing but a huge ass and tits and known for just that. Kanye makes me sick and always has because he is so damn arrogant and when he pulled that shit at the music awards sealed his fate with me.

Why in the hell is she celebrating her third wedding as if she is a virgin? She doesn’t invoke jealousy but instead she makes me want to puke. Why are the people of France and Italy so excited to have these two people in their country? They think being wealthy is all that and to waste so much money just to have your name in lights is seriously sad.

These people are exactly why rich people are looked upon as assholes because their behavior is disguesting at best. If you are a fan of these people then that says so much about you. I wouldn’t attend their wedding if they begged me and I surely do not understand why they are making such a big deal about their wedding to begin with.


Nothing hurts worse than a broken relationship and when it’s your first love it’s even worse. My first love broke my heart and I never did get over him to this day. I’m the type of woman who gets involved with a guy and I do not cheat or play jealousy games because that just isn’t me. I put my all in my relationships and I want them to work at any cost.

I’m not the type that feels the need to win arguments or have the guy kiss my ass and put me first in his life. I’m ok with being somewhere at the top but I know a man’s children are at the top and nothing will ever change that. I do not expect a man to through his kids to the curb in favor of me but I also do not expect to be treated poorly either.

When my heart got broken I didn’t date for many years and when I graduated from high school I didn’t date a lot because I am so picky. One thing that happens is we become afraid to lose ourselves in a relationship so we avoid getting involved and men tend to fear involvement  more than women.

When a man gets hurt he tends to get angry and just want to use women for a piece of ass and they avoid getting committed. Men take rejection so hard and when their hears are broken they put up walls and refuse to let themselves love again. I think that is what happened to me and stayed with me forever but I am finally ready to let someone in my life and I am finally ready to love, yes to really love again.


The answers escape me

Love has betrayed me

I sit on the side of a hill

I wonder when the

Bow will break

I wonder if it will

Make me shake

This heart has known

To much pain

As the tears stain

No arms to h0ld me

No one to scold me

Alone I am

And it seems always will be

Growing old

But no wrinkles to show

This world is so cold

I will find love or so I am told

Sweet Faces

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and I could feel the boys shaking so I scooped them up and brought them under the blankets to cuddle with me. They are always afraid of thunder and lightening and I am there to help them feel safe and secure. I get such a kick out of my pets and Khloe is such a clown herself.

It’s funny how Mike likes to snuggle behind my knees when I am on the couch and he does the same with Shelby. Speaking of Shelby, she started school yesterday and she is once again excited at meeting new people. It isn’t so easy to meet people at any age but when you attend Catholic school it seems to be even harder.

Shelby loved Catholic school and she flourished so much in high school but her friends lived so far away so she didn’t have “friend time” as kids in public school do. Ryan is to damn smart for public school and he is wasting his time and learning nothing but he seems to be much happier there than in Catholic school.

I really enjoy my son when he doesn’t have an attitude and yesterday he was quit cooperative in helping move some things and cut some of the grass. He drove up to the store yesterday and he scares the hell out of me because he drives to fast and takes turns to fast as well. He will start driving himself to school tomorrow and I hope that makes him feel more confident.

We will be going to the rv on Saturday so I can finish the bathroom floor, get the grass cut and change the battery in the golf cart. I had a lady call me about buying the rv but I don’t think she will follow through but who knows. There’s a guy and his wife suppose to look at it as well but who knows people talk a lot of shit and do not follow through.