I am different from most women in so many ways and sometimes I wonder if I should have been born a male because I am such a tomboy. Things that make me different:

I do not spend hours getting ready for a date
I do not wear makeup every day
I do not care for frilly dresses
I do not wear dresses often
I do not were jewelry
I do not eat out often
I do not eat fast food
I do not like shopping
I do not need the best
Things I like or don’t mind

I do like to go fishing
filleting my own fish
baiting the hook
getting dirty working on equipment
fixing anything
Relying on myself
Being independent
Helping others
Oral sex

Just a few things about me but I will say I do enjoy wearing lingerie and looking attractive when I go out on a date. I always want to be attractive to the man I share my life and bed.



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