Sad V

I have come to the realization that I have a very depressed vagina, yes it is sad but true so don’t you dare laugh. She hasn’t gotten the attention she requires to be happy and carefree and no matter what I do I just cannot get her out of her funk. I have treated her to a Brazilian wax and numerous visits from her “personal trainer” but I have had no luck and I just do not know what else to do. Vagina’s need to have their own personal assistant at all times but unfortunately I have yet to meet anyone that I would give that title to.

I thought the worse thing ever could be a man with a shar pei that didn’t get the personal hygiene attention needed but I do believe a depressed vagina is so much worse. I mean seriously, you can always wash a shar pei and that sucker will smile at you all day long and be thankful but the va j j well she is so damn temperamental and such a bitch at times that she just refuses to cooperate and go with the flow and enjoy herself.

So here I sit with a depressed little bitch that just refuses to enjoy herself and all she wants is a real man with a real cock to please her. She is so damn picky and if she isn’t attracted to the man then she refuses to part like the red sea if you know what I mean. I can just see you sitting back laughing your ass off but this is a serious problem that requires a serious answer and I have yet to come up with anything that will change the situation.


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