Here We Go

My grass finally  got long enough to cut today but asswipe next door cuts his every other day and he started three weeks ago when there wasn’t ant grass. I really cannot stand my neighbor and cannot wait to move and get away from his nosey ass. He keeps letting his dog out to shit on my yard and I think Im just going to get a shovel and pick it up and put it on his fucking driveway.

I cannot to a damn thing without him watching me like a hawk and he gossips to the other neighbors about me all the time. I didn’t put a for sale in my yard because its none of his business that I am selling my home and besides we live at the end of a cul de sac and very few people come down here unless they live here or are visiting.

We will be going up to the rv in another week or two and I will have to cut the grass, replace the kitchen and bathroom flooring, replace the heating element in the hot water tank and get a new battery for the golfcart. I have so much work to do and I hope I can get Ryan to help and I already know Shelby will help as much as she can.


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