Just A Mom?

I do not think any woman is “just a mom” because we do everything for our children including putting our own wants aside. From the moment we find out we are pregnant to the moment of birth we have adjusted our lives to make room for our child. There is no greater physical pain then giving birth and the pain is comparable to wearing our labia as earrings.

We teach our children how to walk, how to talk and we are always there with a fresh bandaid for those scrapes and bumps. Being a mom isn’t easy and our children can be so damn trying at times as they learn to push our buttons and to pit us against our spouse. Children pick up our bad habits as well as our good ones and we must set a good example for them.

The next time someone says they are just a mom or someone says to me “o you’re just a mom” I will tell them I am not just a mom. I am a wonderful piece of carmel all rolled up in a layer of chocolate and don’t you forget it. I have worked right up until my water broke at work and waited an extra 45 minutes so I could get my full time in to get paid.

I have worked double shifts, attended college and took care of my family and it wasn’t easy but never the less required so I could get a head in this world. I have given my children what they have needed and I have always been honest with them. My kids haven’t had it easy and they have had their own hurdles to get over and I think this mom has done a pretty good job considering.


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