Weekend Work

It looks like Shelby and I will be going to the rv on Saturday morning so I can get the place in shape for the official opening of the rv park on Memorial Day. There’s quit a bit of work to do and my son tells me he is a “man” and I do not need to know the kids phone number or where he lives that Ryan will be staying the weekend with.

I think the kid is someone my son has met online and I am not going to fight with him and if something happens to him then something happens. I worry about Ryan but I refuse to put myself in a situation where he hurts me again and if that means he gets hurt then that is the way is will be. Most parents want to know where there kids are but they never have to worry about their kid hurting them if they get to mad.

Shelby and I will just go up and replace the flooring and get the place in shape and just enjoy ourselves the best we can. My son probably isn’t even aware that Sunday is mother’s day and if he does he sure doesn’t care and will not even say Happy Mother’s Day to me. I want to get as much done at the rv as I can because I will be spending the holiday there.

I am hoping the holiday weekend weather will be nice so a lot of people come to the park and hopefully someone will purchase the rv. I do not know how low I am going to have to lower the price to but I have got to get rid of the place this year. I really enjoy it there  but I hate the drive and I cannot get the kids to go as Ryan just wont go and Shelby will be in school.


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