I spent the day going to dr. appointments, the first one was for my shoulder, the second one was a stress test and the third was to my neurologist. I needed him to clear me for surgery which he did but he wants me to get a carotid doppler. It’s good prevention to get the test done so I went ahead and got scheduled for Monday and then I will return to him for the results.

My son had a dr. appointment with his psychiatrist and she refuses to see him unless he starts going to counseling and he refuses to go. I have told him he is out of my house when he graduates from high school. I think as soon as I sell this house I will start putting his social security away so when he gets out of school he can live on his own.

I cannot stand the bullshit he puts me through day after day and the way he acts is so disruptive to the household. Shelby wants him gone so bad because he does nothing but eat and play on the internet. I had to unplug the router last night because he was screaming so damn loud he woke everyone up in the house, the dogs were even barking like crazy.

I am afraid of him and I do not know what to do as they wont keep him in the hospital and I am still responsible for him for another year. He is so disrespectful and mouthy I just want to slap the shit out of him but I won’t do it. He lies, he steals and he treats me like shit and I have to live like this for another year and I just wish he would go away. I know that is terrible to say but he makes my life a living hell and I am miserable.


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