The Best

Everyone loves to be loved and one of the best feelings of love come from our pets as they love us unconditionally and ask so little of us. Mike and Baby G as Gabriel is now known by are so affectionate and so damn funny one cannot help but love them. Michael enjoys licking feet, yes he has a foot fetish and he will lick your foot all night if you allow him to.

The boys sleep on my bed and Michael likes to sleep next to me touching me, yes he has to be touching me while Baby G will sleep by my feet for a while and then he likes to sleep on the floor. Then we have Khloe our kitty, she is such a trip as she chases the boys and likes to lick them clean as if they were her kittens, lmao. She also likes to find candy wrappers or small pieces of debri to play with.

My pets are such an important part of my life and they bring so much joy into each and every day and I really could not live without them. People that do not have a pet tend to be very me oriented and selfish in many ways and then there are the people who own cats. Cats are kool but a cat owner doesn’t like to be held down by the responsibility of owning a dog.

I am a true animal lover and would do anything for my pets and as a child my pets were all I had to love and to receive love from. Pets can fill a void in your heart and that is exactly what mine have done for me. I have so much love to give but have no one in my life that is there just for me. I so need to be involved with someone to be totally happy but I just keep on keepin’ on and keep the smile on my face just the same.


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