Just Breathe

I have been under so much stress the past three years and it is showing in my health. I had a stress test yesterday and my dr. wants me to see a cardiologist because the test showed something that wasn’t good. I went to my neurologist yesterday for my clearance for surgery and he wants me to get a carotid doppler to see if I have good blood flow going up my neck.

The carotid artery is the one which gets blocked usually and causes strokes and that is what happened to my mother, she had surgery to unblock an artery and some of the plaque broke loose and went into her brain and did quite a bit of damage. I have done nothing but go from one dr. to the next and I know I obviously need to make and keep appointments, which I have.

I cannot believe I have such health problems but then again life has been hell for me and my son isn’t helping any. He doesn’t care what happens to me because he is a kid and he is in that “fuck you I will do what I want stage”. It’s so important that I find out what is wrong as soon as possible and get it fixed. So many people die at my age from strokes and heart attacks and it looks like I am a lucky one to find out that my health isn’t so good and I can do something about it.


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