I always know when it has rained or is going to because my body has a built in barometer in my hip because when it rains I get terrible hip pain and joint pain. I woke up to pain and rolled over and looked outside to see that it had rained. It’s going to rain again and the sky says so by the overcast skys even though it is starting out to be a nice morning.

Shelby and I are going to head up to the campground so I can replace the floor and clean up, cut the grass and make repairs. I do not mind making the repairs but it would be nice if I had someone to do it for me so I can sell the rv. I have again lowered the price so I am hoping the holiday weekend serves me well and I can sell it because there will be a lot of people there.

Im leaving Ryan home because he will do nothing but bitch and give me a hard time and I do not need that along with his negativity. He didn’t go to his “friends” house and I think it’s because I told him I wanted to talk to his friends mom and verify Ryan was going to be there, I think his friend is someone quite older and possibly a sick fuck as so many are online.

He met someone online several years ago who supposedly lived locally and wanted my son to meet him at a motel, well I knew exactly what that was about and there was no way in hell I was letting my son go. My son didn’t believe me when I told him what the person wanted so I had to show him that the person wasn’t his friend but a foe.

I know I am stupid and do not know shit and my son has tons of life experiences and doesn’t need to listen to me because I can teach him nothing according to him. I love and worry about my kids but my son has just pushed and pushed to the point that he is no longer a part of the family just someone who shares a roof with us.

I do not have the money to put him back in the hospital and I really do not want to do that to him because he needs to go to public school and interact with people that are his peers. I am hoping he can work for the school this summer because that would give him so much more self worth and self confidence and maybe he will mature more.