We got up to the campground and measured the kitchen and bathroom floors and then we headed out to Menards’s to get new flooring. I didn’t think it would take as long as it did to put down a new floor but damn I still am not finished. We worked on the floor for like 8 hrs and I am some lovely shades of black and blue and my knees are so damn sore.

We got the kitchen done and half of the bathroom and I will just have to finish it Memorial weekend because I am so damn sore and my body hurts all over as if I have been beat up, lol. The floor actually looks quite nice and I am proud of myself as well as Shelby because it isn’t easy laying a floor down as you are up and down, on your side, on your knees and on your ass.

We got the place cleaned up nicely and I had to repair the water intake because it was leaking. I need to get a new battery for the golf cart but I will wait on that because I had a guy come by and ask about the rv and he wants his wife to check it out on the holiday weekend, I just want to sell it so bad and be done with driving up there only to work on no longer enjoy myself.

Today is Mother’s Day and my daughter remembered but not my son, am I surprised? Hell no it’s par for the course and he never pays attention to the holidays and only thinks about himself. He stayed home by himself and when we got home he was still alive and cooking something for himself. I am making him come up on the holdiay weekend because I do not want to leave him home alone for so long.