To Wonder

Have you ever wondered why you have a series of really great years and then you have a series of some really bad years? Do you ever wonder why you can be so happy for so long and then bam! everything hits rock bottom and your life just sux? Do you ever wonder why life is as it is, bringing us what we need or want and then it is all taken away?

Yes, just a snap of the fingers life can change and leave us feeling empty and alone and we wonder if we will ever be loved or love again, will we ever meet that one person that will brighten our day, will we ever share our life with someone special again? Do you ever wonder how marriage could be so good and then go so wrong?

I don’t know about you but I wonder why life has to be so damn difficult, so lonely, so boring and just plain vanilla. I wonder when I will meet the love of my life and when will I be happy everyday all day long. I wonder why I must live the way I do and why I must be alone all of the time and why I just cannot move onto a super happy time.


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