Check Up

If it weren’t for the surgery I am having at the end of the month I would have never known about the health problems that I have. I got the results from my doppler and stress tests and both turned up something. The cardiologist told me my stress test showed either fluid around my heart or something else which I forgot what he called it.

I am not worried because the doppler results can be taken care of by meds as well as the fluid around the heart issue, which may not be a concern at all but he did schedule me for another ultra sound in two months. This time frame gives the medications that I have started to take time to do their job and make me better. We think we are healthy until something happens but I have been given the opportunity to correct problems before they become damaging.

My surgery is two weeks from tomorrow and I am so looking forward to getting it over with and moving on in my life. I am taking care of my health issues and I am looking forward to selling the house and finding another home for the kids and myself. It is amazing how many changes we can make within a year and how our lives can be changed.



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