Rainy Days And Wednesdays

I woke up to the sound of rain and I laid in bed staring at the wall thinking about my life and where I am at and what I am doing. I thought about how much my life is going to change this year and how far I have come since Bob died. I am doing ok and I am ok with being alone and I really do not mind it in the main but I do admit I get lonely.

Of course I want to spend time with someone who can mentally stimulate me but it isn’t so easy to find because most people in my location work at the car factory’s or steel mill and they tend not to have any desire to better themselves. I am not saying I am better than any of them because I am not but I did work full time, raise a family and went back to school.

Most people do nothing for me and I find them to be boring at best because they have nothing of interest to talk about. I do not want to hear about their x, about their job or about their kids constantly and that seems to be the most talked about subjects. I opened my eyes this morning and thought about the possibility of meeting someone new, someone interesting and exciting as I tried to put aside the boring people who I have come across.

I am sure I sound like a stuck up bitch but I really am not and I do not think I am all that because I know that isn’t me. Life just gets so boring at times and I guess I am in a rut at the moment but that is going to change in time. I do believe I will be shocking quite a few people by the end of the year and I cannot wait to see their faces when I do.


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