When someone we love passes away for the most part we have a difficult time moving forward in our lives. We live with guilt, sadness, depression and the loss ways heavy on our hearts. The hardest thing for us to do is to forgive ourselves for words unspoken or deeds undone for the departed.

I have lived with so much guilt for so long over the words unspoken to my husband but I have finally come to realize that what is meant to be will be and words unspoken are not meant to be spoken because the person already knows how we feel and what we think. It took so very long for me to forgive myself but in the end I did.

I think of my husband often and I think of all I did for him and I know he knew that I loved him and I was always there for him. I spent many days at the hospital the last decade of his life and I did everything I could to care for him. Medically, I had to get on the nurses and dr.s because they didn’t care for him as I would have expected.

Once we learn to forgive ourselves we learn to live life once again to the fullest and we can move on without guilt. The departed do not want us to be alone and unhappy, no they know we need to open our heart up to another and we need to love again, give again and we need to rebuild our lives.


It amazes me how strong my need is to be with a certain person, it’s amazing how he feels the same way but is to afraid to move forward. When two people are drawn to each other there is always the one person that has control of meeting the other person. That one person keeps coming back to other person in different ways.

The very thing that keeps these two apart is fear and nothing else as one of the two fears that the other can see right through them and they see the real person that has been hidden for so very long. The one that has the control is usually the one that is running from the one person that sees them for the person they are.

As long as these two people are apart neither one will ever be happy because their happiness is tied to the other person. When both get over their insecurities and fears is when they will find that life together is wonderful and fulfilling. Put aside your fears my dear and open your heart and you will have all that you have ever wanted.