I do not know how women in other countries are but I do know that the women here haven’t been taught how to be ladies. The women in the states have no self control or self esteem or they wouldn’t jump in bed with a man so quickly. It’s no secret that a man can get laid quite easily and all he has to do is go to a bar.

Women get intoxicated and they forget who the hell they are and they end up fucking the first guy that buys them a drink. I may sound like a prude but I am not I just cannot understand how today’s women can allow themselves to be so devalued and used up. It’s no wonder men have no respect for women and it’s no wonder we live in a world going to hell in a hand basket.

I refuse to jump into bed with someone on the first date or even the second in fact it could literally take months to get me in the sack because I do not want to be someones fuck for the night and they move on. I have a daughter that thinks the same way so I know I am not someone unique it is all in how we raise our kids.


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