Chivalry isn’t dead but it sure seems to be as most men no longer realize that opening the door, pulling out the chair, taking the woman’s jacket, picking up a fallen napkin and such mean so much. Women want to be treated with respect, as if they are the golden nugget and we like to see that a man cares.

I have dated my share of men and I can honestly say about 1% were true gentlemen, men that paid attention to detail and respecting me. I think parents are forgetting to teach their children well and I think in today’s world most parents were not taught how to treat others and so they teach their kids nothing in the way of chivalry.

I am old school and I expect to have the door opened for me and the chair pulled out for me. I expect to be the center of attention when I am with a man and if I am not then I will not date the man again. When you date someone the world should revolve around you and you should give the gentleman the same amount of attention.

When I am with anyone I always look them in the eye because eye contact tells you so much about the person. It shows confidence and you can tell that person is self assured. Even a shy person can open doors with a little eye contact. The one thing that really attracts me to a man is his sense of humor, who doesn’t love to laugh? I’m a comical person and I really like to make people laugh because it breaks the ice and makes the other person feel at ease.


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