Smiling Eyes

I have such sadness come over me and I have no idea why as I am happy to see that he was feeling victorious once again. I just feel so sad and maybe it’s because when I see his smiling eyes it’s only when he is the center of attention and he’s doing something that makes him feel good about himself.

I can remember long ago when he chatted with me and I asked hi if he was happy and he said no how sad I felt for him then. He smiles, laughs and jokes and everyone thinks he is happy go lucky but I know different. He is playing the field and some days are better than others but no he is not a happy man.

I so do hope that he has many more opportunities to play for charity because he shines and it makes him feel so accomplished. Yes, he has money and fame but when a man retires he looses a huge part of his identity and what made him feel real good about himself. I have never met this man but I do know he is more than a legend and he is more than a retired soccer player.

I wish he could see himself through my eyes because I do not see him as everyone else does, I do not worship him or want to touch him because he is famous. I didn’t know who he was for the longest time but he wanted me to know who he was as if his fame and fortune would impress me and I would want to fuck him like all the others. Truth is I would like to meet him so I could answer questions that have plagued me for so long but as far as his fame and fortune, no I do not want any of it.


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