That Feeling

 When you are known for your ability to be very good at a sport and your entire life has revolved around “being the best” and you actually are you learn to live a certain way and you expect to be treated a certain way as well. When you have the spotlight and fame you come to expect nothing less and you live your life as a wealthy person does.

You have your entourage and so many of them rely on you for their paycheck and some even want to ride the wave of your fame. Then you become injured and can never recover fully and that leads to retirement. You have lived your life for that feeling you get when you score and the roar of the crowd.

You slowly age and wish you could still play the game as you once did but you know you never will. You then go through life investing and doing charity events and if you are lucky you get a glimmer of hope that you can perform as you once did. You play charity games and you get that feeling once again as you score not one but two goals.

Even age can never kill that excitement within you when you are on the field and the camaraderie with your team mates actually gives gives you a hard on. It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you dance and feel so damn good even though the feeling is only short lived you still feel pretty damn good about yourself.

I watched him score his points and the smile on his face told the story in it’s entirety as he exuded such happiness and how thrilled he was. I so wish to see that smile more and I could actually feel the excitement within him as he scored. I do believe he is happiest when he is playing a charity event because it takes him back to happier times and that makes me smile to know he is happy for that short period of time.


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