Sweet Faces

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and I could feel the boys shaking so I scooped them up and brought them under the blankets to cuddle with me. They are always afraid of thunder and lightening and I am there to help them feel safe and secure. I get such a kick out of my pets and Khloe is such a clown herself.

It’s funny how Mike likes to snuggle behind my knees when I am on the couch and he does the same with Shelby. Speaking of Shelby, she started school yesterday and she is once again excited at meeting new people. It isn’t so easy to meet people at any age but when you attend Catholic school it seems to be even harder.

Shelby loved Catholic school and she flourished so much in high school but her friends lived so far away so she didn’t have “friend time” as kids in public school do. Ryan is to damn smart for public school and he is wasting his time and learning nothing but he seems to be much happier there than in Catholic school.

I really enjoy my son when he doesn’t have an attitude and yesterday he was quit cooperative in helping move some things and cut some of the grass. He drove up to the store yesterday and he scares the hell out of me because he drives to fast and takes turns to fast as well. He will start driving himself to school tomorrow and I hope that makes him feel more confident.

We will be going to the rv on Saturday so I can finish the bathroom floor, get the grass cut and change the battery in the golf cart. I had a lady call me about buying the rv but I don’t think she will follow through but who knows. There’s a guy and his wife suppose to look at it as well but who knows people talk a lot of shit and do not follow through.


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