Nothing hurts worse than a broken relationship and when it’s your first love it’s even worse. My first love broke my heart and I never did get over him to this day. I’m the type of woman who gets involved with a guy and I do not cheat or play jealousy games because that just isn’t me. I put my all in my relationships and I want them to work at any cost.

I’m not the type that feels the need to win arguments or have the guy kiss my ass and put me first in his life. I’m ok with being somewhere at the top but I know a man’s children are at the top and nothing will ever change that. I do not expect a man to through his kids to the curb in favor of me but I also do not expect to be treated poorly either.

When my heart got broken I didn’t date for many years and when I graduated from high school I didn’t date a lot because I am so picky. One thing that happens is we become afraid to lose ourselves in a relationship so we avoid getting involved and men tend to fear involvement  more than women.

When a man gets hurt he tends to get angry and just want to use women for a piece of ass and they avoid getting committed. Men take rejection so hard and when their hears are broken they put up walls and refuse to let themselves love again. I think that is what happened to me and stayed with me forever but I am finally ready to let someone in my life and I am finally ready to love, yes to really love again.

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