Memorial Day Failure

Last Memorial Day my daughter and I picked up my son from the hospital and the car broke down on the freeway. It cost $200.00 to get the car towed home and wouldn’t you know my daughter and I had trouble again this Memorial Day. My son was supposed to come to the rv with us but of course he refused to go.

We got to the rv and I finished laying the new bathroom floor and Shelby cleaned up and cut the grass. We pulled the golfcart out of the shed because it had flat tires and a dead battery. We went up to the store and got a new battery and removed the tires and took them to get some air in them. We got back to the rv and replaced the tires and battery and I taught my daughter how to change tires but I neglected to tell her there is a front and back of the tire.

We went to go for a cruise and damn if she didn’t put the tire on wrong and the valve stem got tore off.  We called it an evening and went in for the night and I fell asleep by 8 p.m. . We got up and removed three golf cart tires and loaded up the car and decided to come home because my son took my atm card again.

We got almost to the freeway and damn if we didn’t get a flat tire. Do you know how hard it is to find places open on a holiday weekend? Well, we finally found the tire at sears but they wanted us to wait several hours before they could get to us so I bought the tire and headed to the bp gas station.

They took care of us and we were finally on our way and Shelby was starving so we decided to pick up a pizza on the way home. When we got home I confronted my son about my atm cardand of course he lied to me about it. My son does what he wants and I just stay out of his way because I refuse to let him hurt me ever again.


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