Snatch Licker

The most talented snatch licker in this house is Khloe our cat, she is the strangest cat I have ever seen as she constantly licks her snatch where ever she is. She gets on the dining room table and licks herself, she gets on the couch and licks like crazy or she sits on the floor and licks licks licks.

If I could lick myself the way she does I would be a very happy woman because I love getting and giving oral sex. There are so many women that want oral sex but do not like giving it and that is such a shame. If you keep your man happy he will do the same for you but if you do not he will look elsewhere for his sexual pleasure.

That’s one of the problems with marrying early as you do not get to really experience great sex and over time sex becomes really boring with your inexperienced spouse. Men love oral sex performed on them and I cannot imagine their virgin wife ever giving them good head or giving them head at all.

It’s been so long since I have had sex and I really hate living without sex but I am a very sexual woman. I love karma sutra and experiencing all kinds of sex in all kinds of places. You need to have a healthy sex life because it is good for your health and I sure need to have some good sex before I go crazy.

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