So Done

I had major surgery last Wednesday and I asked my son to cut the back grass and field but he had to put the belt back on the riding lawn mower. He got his fucked up attitude with me again and refused to cut the damn grass so I ended up having to put the belt on myself and of course the damn thing broke so now I have to go get a new belt tomorrow.

He absolutely refused to cut the lawn so I have put my foot down and told him when the house sells he has thirty days to find himself an apartment by school if he plans on graduating because I am giving him his social security and he is on his own. I am sick of the way he treats me so he can walk to school or take a bus or fuck it not graduate at all.

I have told him he is only taking his clothes and nothing else so he better make some friends fast or live in an empty apartment. I am so fucking done with him and I am not going to change my mind because I am sick of being treated like dirt. He steals, he lies and he is just like his piece of shit dead dad as far as the lieing.

Who in the fuck lies to their future wife about how many times you have been married and how many kids you have? Who in the fuck does that? A person without character, a person looking to take advantage of another, a piece of shit does that and then I find out from my cunt step daughter, who does this shit?

My son called the police because I locked him in the basement and the cops told me I couldn’t lock him in the basement because I was keeping from leaving the basement. I cannot lock him in the basement because I have a separate entrance into the basement and I told Ryan I will no longer allow him to treat me the way he is and when he turns 18 he has thirty days to find himself an apartment.

When the cops left we continued to argue and my son broke down and started to cry and I think he realized that he has no one but my daughter and myself. He really fell apart and to know that he has no one but us is pretty difficult for him to accept but he has to realize he cannot continue to treat me the way that he has been.

I think he finally realized that he is no longer a minor and he is going to be 18 in  six months which means I no longer have to put up with his shit. I really think the shock today really made him wake up and realize that being an adult isn’t all that it is cracked up to be and he is learning that I have more power than he may think.