Adult Abuse

My daughter is so abusive to me as she tweaks my nipples and tells me I have huge ones. She is always pinching my ass, tweaking my boobs, making fun of me because I pee all of the time. We get along so well and I so enjoy her company because she is so funny. There is nothing funnier then laughing with our kids and making fun of each other.

Khloe loves Shelby and when she is horny she loves Shelby to talk to her so she can move her hips and ass. Khloe is rolling all over the dining room table as I type this and she is harassing Bingo. She is licking that snatch like its a sucker and she is acting so crazy, lmao, damn wish I could lick my own snatch right about now roflmao.

Ok if I can’t lick myself then shit give me a cock because I do so enjoy mutual masterbation as well as oral sex, shit just give it to me for ten minutes and I guarantee you that I will turn that ten minutes in at least an hour. Shave that sweetie pie and let me dig in, lmao come on lets get crazy and have some fun my only question is where has your cock been? Bet you have fucked quite a few bitches in your time Mr. Studmuffin.


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