I love reading and one of my favorite authors of all time is Shel Silverstein and one of my favorite books is the Giving Tree. I think it’s a book every child should grow up on because it is so telling. Shel wrote books of poetry with a story and every one of his books has touched me in a way like no other.

So many people are gifted in stand out ways and in their field of interest and then there are others like myself that do not stand out in the crowd but never the less we do stand out among our friends. I will never be known world wide for any of my gifts or talents which is fine with me because our gifts can sometimes be a curse in many ways.

A happy man is the private man, the man who doesn’t have airs on, a man of the earth, a man of the soil. A happy man is a farmer who appreciates hard work and tilling his own soil. A happy woman is the one that plants her own garden and harvests her own foods, sleeps next to the man that tills his soil and makes love under the stars after a hard days work.

The next man I share my body with will be a man of the land not someone who lives for the wealth of the pocket but the wealth of the land a a very simple life of sopas and fajitas, tre leche and guacamole. I love a spanish man with tastes of good food and romance, a man that is sexual and exciting a man that enjoys oral sex as much as I do.

I have always wondered if men enjoy giving oral sex and if they miss it as much as I do, as a female I so enjoy giving oral sex even more than getting it, does that make me wrong? I think not because sex is an expression of self, of how much love one possesses and how we communicate and open up to another, let me show you what pure pleasure really is my friend.


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