Means So Much

I realize I write about a lot of nonsense, useless rederick but the truth is I care deeply about the world and those that suffer daily. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel the world as some men have but it doesn’t mean I am not heartfelt for those that live with so much less than I do. I am very passionate about the things that mean a lot to me and life means everything.

The thought that people die over a soccer game makes me ill and the thought of someone I had so much respect for may have a hand in their suffering makes me seriously sick. I have come to  believe even though he is a billionaire he has always stayed grounded but I do believe I have been lieing to myself.

By his own admission he told me he lives a very expensive lifestyle just like the other billionaires in the world and I have no doubt he would throw away a 5000.00 per of custom riding boots if they got shit on them. He has traded is fame and fortune for more fame and fortune and I do believe this man makes me sick to my stomach.

He isn’t the man I have thought him to be, he is not the man that tills his own soil and loves the land, he is not the man who appreciates a garden or the midnight air. He has shattered my illusion of the perfect man for me and no he is not for me and never will be. I do not want a single penny of his money or to experience his expensive lifestyle.

As far as I am concerned he can continue to fuck shallow women and skip through life drawing more attention to himself as he continues to post pics of himself on facebook. Gabriel, I have no desire to spend a single moment with you because you are not worthy of a woman of my stature and caliber so get fuck yourself.


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