Mecury Retro

Since Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer June 7 through July 1 people will be more sentimental as Cancer deals with family and home. We tend to walk down memory lane but we must remember in its role as messenger planet, Mercury rules all forms of communication and travel … and when retrograde, it’s notorious for causing delays and misunderstandings. Beware of computer glitches, car trouble, travel delays and difficulty getting plans off the ground. Help yourself during this time by stepping back from decisions, agreements and contracts to use this period to your best benefit. And since you’ll undoubtedly notice that your mind can’t fully settle on anything, be sure to write down the pros and cons of any ideas that come to mind. Finally, back up all your data and review  rather than initiate projects. 

Mercury retrograde is the “re” of the world as we repair and redo for three weeks, we get confused and should stay away from signing any contracts for a minimum of a month as we still have residual effects of mercury once gone direct. A perfect example is my realtor as she sends me showing over the email.

I do not check my email every hour so I find it annoying when I miss a showing because she hasn’t called me. I sent her an email telling her to call if she hadn’t heard back from me in several hours or she can contact my daughter. She has had my listing for almost two months and I need to talk to her about her commission when I sign with her again.

I like her and she listed the house for the price I have chosen and I new it would take time to sell this house and I have until June of next year to sell before things get financially difficult unless I sell the rv. I filed charges with the bar association against an attorney and I won and part of the settlement was 1500.00 which I gave to Shelby to put away for school this winter.

She was very appreciative of it and she helps me so much around the house and I love her so much I just wish I could pay for law school for her but I do not have 150,000.00. She is going to be a great attorney and anyone that hires her is going to have an excellent attorney and they will never be sorry they hired her. She doesn’t know what kind of attorney she wants to be but she is talking about being a small claims judge which I find to be so funny “Judge Shelby” like she is Judge Judy, lmao.


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