Biggest Letdown

The biggest let down I have had in a very long time happened yesterday when I realized someone I respected didn’t deserve my respect at all. This is the worse kind of let down when someone doesn’t live up to what we have built them up to be in our minds. We do this with friends as well as family and it shatters our world when they do not live up to the person we think they are.

Do we let ourselves down when we build someone up and they fall from grace? Everyone is fallible but shouldn’t they live up to the person we need them to be? He doesn’t give a fuck what I think of him of if he has fallen from my grace because my opinion means nothing to him because I am a nobody to him to begin with.

He probably took steroids to enhance his performance and I wouldn’t be  a bit surprised if he slipped those drugs under everyone’s eyes.  I had so much respect for him because I thought of him as a man unchanged by fame and fortune, a man who enjoyed hunting and fishing to put food on his table, a man who enjoyed watching his cattle roam the grassy knoll knoll

I am just a fool to think that he is anything but what he is a billionaire, a stuffy, self centered rich piece of shit that has nothing to offer me, not a single damn thing. Am I being to tough on his pussy ass? When is the last time he got a callous or broke a sweat? When he was riding his expensive polo ponies? Gosh, how sad is that?????


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