Find A Way

I have always been a very resourceful person and when I want something I get it one way or the other. I never had extra money to attend college but my employer paid for quite a bit of my education. Once again I want to return to school and have not the funds but I am using my status as widow and providing mother of two to qualify for financial aid.

I want to travel, I want to see this world and the only way to do it is to either marry wealthy or become a stewardess. Yes, I know I am old for a stewardess but they cannot discriminate and I plan on going to school as well for sign language. I will have an ability which is always needed for at least once person.

I want to wake up in Paris one morning and then Saudi Arabia the next and yes it is quite doable. If you want something bad enough you can find a way to get it if you have the drive and ambition. People have always underestimated me which doesn’t bother me because I am a pretty solid woman with obtainable goals.

Nothing has ever been handed to me and I do not ever seeing that changing so I will continue to go after my hopes and dreams and every step closer makes me feel proud of myself and how far I have come by myself. All I want is a small ranch and a few cucumber and tomato plants and I am one happy lady.


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