What We Dont Know

It’s a shame how we aline ourselves with a person or a cause and have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. We have no idea that we may have attached ourselves to a situation or person that is guilty of using humans and taking human life in the name of the almighty dollar. We are unaware that someone we play polo with has a darker than black heart.

We come in innocent and think this is a good person, someone we find entertaining and someone we do business with only to find out from an unlikely source that we are attached to a human piece of shit, a greedy fucker, a man that has no morals what so ever. So what do we do? Do we confront this man or walk away?

Of course we do not confront them because that could be long reaching into other areas of our life, areas that may affect our investments. We do what the coward does, we slowly back away from this person because we no longer want our name tied to theirs but to confront them, well that could just cost us to much now couldn’t it?

This is the way most people would handle the situation but not me, I am one to confront and to end any relationship that doesn’t sit well in my life and I slap down anyone that supports another that I find unsavory at best. I am currently dealing with a similar situation involving my daughter and her “girlfriend.”

This girl attached to my daughter their freshman year of high school and she only became friends with my daughter because she was smart, pretty and very popular. This little bitch wont return my daughters texts when they make plans and the girl blows off my daughter all of the time after making plans.

My daughter invited Alex and Lindsay over Saturday and Alex hasn’t responded. Alex told my daughter she had a job as a pre school teacher and my daughter told me. Well, little lieing cunt you have to have a college degree to be a pre school teacher and pre school runs with the school semester so you are a glorified babysister at a daycare.

I told my daughter I didn’t want Alex at my home because she is jealous and envious of my daughter and nothing more. I told my daughter I would call out Alex if she showed up but she wasn’t going to show up so need to worry. I am so sick of this girl treating my daughter this way but my daughter is so desperate for friends because she is having such a hard time meeting people.

The thing with Alex is she is a turkey baster baby of a lesbian – you know where the sperm is sucked up into the turkey baster and shot into the vagina-and this woman has an attitude that she is so much better than the rest of the world. This woman is nothing but a clit licking bitch that chose sides in my divorce-go figure a lezbo choosing a man’s side wtf? I think I will just sign us up for salsa classes in the winter and maybe she will meet someone there-who knows?


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