World Cup Blunder

The World Cup June 12 – July 13 has fallen during Mercury Retrograde which  is June 2 -July 7 unfortunately for those playing as well as attending there will be much chaos and confusion. Things never go right during Mercury Retro and many will have confusion with travel, hotel rooms, transportation breakdowns as well as communication misunderstandings.

It is a shame such a huge event must fall at this time but then again Mercury’s visit makes it clear it is a time to redo, repair, renew and if one team didn’t do so well last time around well, well they just might be the winning team this Cup. The players must be sharper and pay closer attention, they must listen to what isn’t being said, they must be cautious.

The United States doesn’t put so much emphasis on the Cup but the rest of the world live for this sport and this time each year. I do think we are going to see something quite spectacular from Nigeria but then again what do I know about this sport? The ball is black and white and they kick it back and forth and they will kill to win this game.

There is a superstar on the pitch. He is a rock star, hero and leader. If not a captain then the shining star on the day; Someone who is obsessed with his diet and fitness. This Cup Final is above all else, about gambling and big business but Saturn will dole out a very heavy lesson for anyone who puts that above their love of football.

Many great players will attend and sit back criticiqueing other players and they will sit back and call them stupid fuckers for missing a simple shot or goal. This is a sport that makes the blood boil, that make men turn into animals when are they generally quite docile beings in the main.

I cant hide behind the tears

I cannot show anyone my fears

All alone am I

No one to protect me

From the comming storm

No one to love me, no one for just me

If I admit I hurt

Then I am to weak to care for

To shallow to stand against the tide

The emptiness cuts deep

Deeper than anyone can ever know

It’s just me and my pets

Everyone else I have let go

I am not greedy

And I have never asked

For to much

But never the less

I have no fortress to protect me

No one to love