The Great Faker

I can look at you and smile as my heart is falling apart, I can let out laughter when the tears are painting me inside, I can be whatever you want me to be, whatever you need me to be. I am flesh and I am blood moving on two legs in no certain direction as I am confused as I move forward I seek out the answers in the dark. I am like the deer that travels within the same mile their entire lives, I am of the wild, of nature, I am of the soil under my feet, I am the great faker.

I don’t have the pieces to the puzzles, I do not have the colors of the paints, I have no one, not even me. I have fought one of the toughest battles that a person can fight but winning is still losing no matter how you look at it. I seek not the wealth of the world, I seek out not the famous that touch so many a heart, I seek out what cannot be found, what cannot be had. I have felt the knife slash my chest and I have looked down to see a bleeding heart wishing nothing more than to be part of the greatest love of all.

The scabs cover my wounds and eventually fall off leaving my flesh brand new but the scabs cannot let go of my bruised and damaged heart. I am a walking emotion, a talking doll of another kind and no one can see the real me, no one can touch the real me as people are cruel and heartless and I have nothing more than a film of protection from those that wish to damage me. There are no arms to hold me, there are no men that want to love me, only fuck me.


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