One Man One Kick

Sporting events can be enjoyable to watch but with all sports there is that one “man who leads the pack, he leaves his mark on the sport and all it takes is one “kick” to score the winning goal. This one man will change how the game is viewed and this one man can change the stats of the sport and he shall be the one that the others envy, the others wish to be, the one to beat in the end. This one man finds his own team mates in competition with him and it all started with that one kick, that winning goal.

This one man didn’t wake up one morning and find himself gifted, no he put many an hour into practice, watching the other great players make those spectacular plays and this one man said to himself ” one day my name will be in lights” and yes that day will come to this man. He shows up one day to play in competition and out of no where his feet turn into golden size fourteens or larger and he kicks the winning goal.

He is covered in sweat and his hair is dripping but his team mates seem not to mind as they hug him for being the one that took the team to the winners circle. He cannot see for the flash of the cameras and everyone wants to get his autograph and picture, everyone wants to interview him and write an article about him. He reaches the pivotal point which makes him famous and he is offered huge amounts of money to play the sport he loves.

He now has two choices-play for the team he has always admired or play for the one who offers the most money and he makes the move to change his life forever. He gets caught up in the fame, money and women and he abuses his fame and fortune for a while until he is pulled back to earth. His publicist paints this man’s reputation in a way that makes him to appear angelic and he pays great amounts of money to lawyers, his publicist, his manager, his ass wiper, ass kisser’s and so on. This man is no longer just a man he is a business that lives and breathes and gets used by so many and he no longer knows who is his real friend and who is there for the hand out.

This man becomes accustomed to questioning everyone’s motives and anyone that really cares for him for himself are far and few between. He has been burned once to many times and now he cannot even trust what is in his heart, what he feels. So as it goes the great affects of being famous in a sport. For all you sport fans look towards England and Germany – either to be the World Cup winners-to me it’s looking quite like England but Germany oooohhhhhh we will see now wont we?


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